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At some point in our lives we will experience some kind of foot pain and will require professional foot treatment. If your feet hurt or you are having difficulty managing them, this is where our Swindon podiatrist/chiropodist team can help. We can provide you with foot treatment and advice on foot care.

Swindon Podiatry provides a wide range of podiatry and chiropody foot treatment from routine nail and foot care to diabetic and biomechanical assessments. A podiatrist/chiropodist can also offer advice for general foot care, from whether you’re looking after your feet to helping you choose the right kind of shoes for your feet. If you suffer from diabetes, arthritis or blood circulation problems, ensuring proper foot care is essential as these conditions can cause problems for feet. We can also offer advice for general foot treatment and care, so you can feel confident that you are looking after your feet properly.

We provide help for problems such as corns and calluses; see below for more information on common foot problems. Repetitive strain from running, dancing, sports and other strenuous activities can cause damage to the feet, but also the way we stand, walk and run can cause leg and feet problems.

The feet have to support the weight of the whole body and it’s not surprising that feet can suffer from many problems. We can provide biomechanical assessments to help you find the solution to your foot treatment needs. Those with diabetes often suffer from foot related ailments and we can provide foot care and assessments for sufferers.